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Suspended License & Reinstatement

Suspended License & Reinstatement

Losing your license, even for a short while, is a hardship. It can cut you off from friends, family, and your source of income. A lawyer who practices traffic law can hunt for ways to navigate the system and help you to reinstate your license.

Suspension in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

In Chicago, your license can be suspended for several reasons, such as DUIs or failure to pay child support. The key to reinstating your license is to remedy the situation that caused the suspension and pay the reinstatement fee.

At Grcic Law, we understand that the path to reinstatement can be tricky. Losing access to transportation can deprive you of the resources you need to press your case. The government expects you to make court appearances and pay fees in a process that can take months.

Don’t despair. The attorneys at Grcic Law have helped many clients deal with suspensions. Each case is unique, but there are many strategies available to us.

Challenging the Suspension

If there are legal grounds for challenging the suspension, we can bring the case before a judge. If the judge agrees that the suspension was invalid, they can strike it from your record. This is often the quickest way to reinstate a license.

Defending You Against Charges

If you are convicted of DUI, you could face suspension of your license. Fighting the charges can help you avoid losing your license. At Grcic Law, we know how the system works and how to use it to your advantage in DUI cases.

We’ll craft a strategy based on your circumstances and the police report. When fighting for you in court, we might:

  • Challenge breathalyzer results
  • Challenge field sobriety tests
  • Challenge police procedure
  • Argue that an emergency compelled you to drive recklessly

If you are facing conviction or if your license has been suspended, time is crucial. Don’t wait until deadlines have passed. The sooner we can mount a defense and put your case before a judge, the sooner we can win your case and protect your license.

Understanding Changes to the Law

Criminal justice reform legislation can protect drivers from license suspensions. In July 2021, Illinois stopped suspending the license of drivers who had unpaid traffic tickets. If you have unpaid traffic tickets, don’t let someone threaten you with suspension.

At Grcic Law, we keep up to date on changes to the law. If the law has recently changed or will change, we can fine-tune our case to take account of those changes. We’ll explain the law to you before you make a plea or make any payments.

Why Choose Grcic Law for License Suspensions?

At Grcic Law, we know Chicago law and the Chicago legal system. In many cases, knowing the system, including people, deadlines, and procedures, is crucial. You need an attorney with practical experience.

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