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Grcic Law handles traffic law in the Chicagoland area. Located in Park Ridge, IL, our firm specializes in offering the highest quality of service in Logistics Industry legal matters. If you have been charged with moving violations or you are facing other legal challenges common to Logistics and Transportation Industry, Grcic Law firm is here for you.

We have over 15 years of experience helping many clients.

Logistics Industry Law


A speeding ticket can be a minor hassle or it can lead to serious consequences such as license suspension or even jail time.
Don’t assume that just because the state says you were speeding that they can prove it in a court of law. Sometimes they will ticket a driver on weak evidence. They might not even show up to defend their case at all.

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License Suspensions

If you’ve had several moving violations, had a DUI, or failed to pay child support, you might have lost your license. The process to license reinstatement can be long and costly. An attorney who knows the system can speed up the process or even convince a judge to throw out the suspension before it takes effect.

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Logistics Industry

Managing a successful company is harder than ever these days. Supply chain disruptions and changing government regulations force even the nimblest companies to improve. Your business needs someone with legal experience in corporate logistics on its side.

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Traffic Violations

We all know the sinking feeling when a police officer pulls us over, especially when we don’t think we did anything wrong. Maybe you’ve been accused of something minor like an improper lane change. Maybe you’ve been accused of something serious like blowing past a school bus with red flashing lights. Either way, you don’t have to go through it alone.

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The Grcic Law Process

At our firm, we’ve developed a process that has led to success with many of our clients in the past in our previous practices. Each step contributes to our strategy as follows.

Examining the Evidence

We look for inconsistencies in the evidence against you and search for evidence that you were in the right. Procedural mistakes by police and prosecutors, faulty equipment, hasty judgment, and plain misunderstanding can undercut the evidence against you.

Probing the Prosecution’s Case

The state must make their case based on the evidence they have. They have your story of what happened on the day they ticketed or charged you. We have to create our own story, back it up with evidence, and make sure that the judge or jury understands our side.

Discussing the Options

In most cases, we can pursue more than one strategy. Every client should fully understand their options before choosing a strategy. We won’t shy away from a trial or court hearing, but we might suggest a plea deal if the prosecution’s case is strong. In either case, as our client, you are in control. We will help you to the best of our ability, whatever you choose.

Why Choose Grcic Law?

At Grcic Law, we use our understanding of the legal process to empower you. We speak up for your rights and tell your story in court. From our offices in 127 N. Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge, IL, we serve Chicago and the surrounding areas. Call 847-696-6196 today for a consultation.

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