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Transportation and Logistics Industry Issues

Transportation and Logistics Industry Issues

Managing a successful company is harder than ever these days. Supply chain disruptions and changing government regulations force even the nimblest companies to improve. Your business needs someone with legal experience in corporate logistics on its side.

What Is Logistics Law?

Logistics law relates to legal issues in transporting goods and equipment on a commercial or industrial scale. Here at Grcic Law, we have over 15 years of experience assisting companies and drivers in the Logistics and Transportation industry with:

  • Company formations and registrations
  • Defending DOT violations
  • Accidents
  • Assisting with driver speeding and other violations
  • DUIs

Logistics law requires an understanding of a complex, dynamic environment, as well as an understanding of the regulatory framework and practical experience with suppliers. With a large network of attorneys we are able to assist and spearhead cases across all 48 states in the continental United States.

Transportation Compliance

They call Chicago an intermodal hub. Its status as a magnet for transportation companies brings more complexity and unanswered questions.

You need a law firm that can keep pace with local, city, state, and federal laws. Being informed about corporate logistic law allows you to keep your policies up to date and avoid compliance headaches.

Company Formations and Registrations

Registering a new transportation company includes a certain amount of compliance complexity that some individuals and firms may have an issue in addressing. Grcic Law has helped for and register dozens of companies in a manner that best protects the owners and stakeholders of the firm. Logistics Industry is often one of the most regulated industries and only an experienced attorney in the industry will be able to properly set up your new firm for success.

DOT Violations

One of the most common violations that a company in logistics and transportation industry will face is a violation of the Department of Transportation rules and regulations. These violations can be administrative, but can also happen while on the road. With the large network of attorneys we partner with, our team is able to address these violations in any states in the continental US

Accidents on the road

Unfortunately, accidents happen. In the Logistics and Transportation Industry causing a traffic accident is a much more serious violation than doing so by an individual. Truck drivers usually haul a large amount of cargo, which means that in case of an accident there is usually an issue with the destruction of cargo or other property. When accidents happen, companies are potentially exposed to a large amount of scrutiny. They are almost immediately faced with a DOT audit and they are open for litigation by all parties involved in the case (people suffering injuries, various insurance companies, DOT violations, state authorities, etc). Having worked on dozens of cases involving accidents, our firm is able to properly create a proper defense to ensure that your company and your drivers are provided with a proper legal representation.

Speeding and other traffic violations

Going over the speed limit, following too closely, improper lane changes and other similar traffic violations, when conducted in a commercial vehicle, carry significantly higher consequence than in a personal vehicle. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can often face serious penalties when making basic traffic violations. Aside from a fine, license holder may be required to show up for a court appearance in a state that is far from the holder’s primary residence. Violators will also have a permanent record of the violation on their license, which will likely impact their ability to retain or obtain future employment. At an extreme circumstance, violators may have their license suspended, resulting in a significant loss of income and large reinstatement fees. Our team has been very successful in reducing/removing certain violations from the driver’s record, saving them significant amount of time and money.

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a serious traffic violation and one that can have a lasting impact on the violator’s ability to operate a motor or commercial vehicle for a long time. While all violations are serious, being charged with DUI may result in a felony charge. For CDL holder particularly, this inevitably means loss of employment and inability to keep the CDL. This is true regardless of whether the DUI charge was issued while operating private or commercial vehicle. Our team has been successful in reducing the negative impact of the DUI charge. With our experience and familiarity with the logistics and transportation industry, we can help you minimize the consequence of this violation.

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