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Texting and Driving Tickets in Illinois How Can I Prove My Innocence?

People are always connected in the smartphone era. Even then, they try to remain connected while driving. Texting and talking on the phone can be dangerous and is most certainly illegal.. In recent years, the number of drivers who are distracted by texting and cell phone use while on the road has gone up.) Numerous states have passed legislation to limit drivers' usage of mobile phones,however, drivers do not alway abide by these rules. In 2019, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,142 people died because of distracted driving. In Illinois, new driving laws have criminalized distracted driving. You will want to grasp precisely how Illinois law relates to your circumstance, including any applicable fines if you have received a ticket due to texting and driving. Our attorney specializing in the matter will assist you to fully comprehend these issues.

Illinois Laws on Texting and Driving

Illinois’ laws on driving and phones say you may not use one to speak, text, or send an email while on a public road. Only those over 19 years-old are permitted access to their phones and that is only through Bluetooth. Using a mobile phone while driving has grown frequent, with fines often issued.. Numerous modifications have been made to mobile phone usage regulations throughout the years. Many Illinoisans do not realize how stringent the state's mobile phone regulations are. You are advised to consult with an expert on the issue of the Distracted Driving Legislation in Illinois as it is something to be aware of within the state.

The Illinois Distracted Driving legislation imposes tighter restrictions on cell phone usage while driving and applies to all motorists in the state. Until distracted driving became a ticketable violation, with possible license suspension, motorists were not very careful. you will be issued a citation and the offense will show up on your driving record.This will be a permanent mark on your driving record, even if the ticket is canceled.

In addition to targeting teen drivers, 625 ILCS 5/12-610.1 legislation prohibits all drivers—regardless of age—from using a smartphone while operating a vehicle:

  • In school zones
  • Around work or development sites
  • Close to a disaster area

Texting while driving is something we all know is dangerous. As such, in Illinois, if an accident occurs as a consequence of this, and someone suffers lasting injury, impairment, or deformity, the motorist can face a $1,000 fine and a year-long license suspension.

Contesting a Illinois texting and driving ticket in court to prove one’s innocence

What are not valid excuses for using a phone?

  • “I had both hands on the wheel as I was texting.”
  • “I wasn’t on the phone when you walked in.”
  • “I was simply taking a picture.”
  • “I was on the phone with a speaker.”
  • “I simply wanted to see what time it was.”
  • “I had to look up my navigation app for the next turn.”
  • “I was calling on my Bluetooth.”
  • “I was simply playing music in the car, and I think the police misunderstood me.”

Usually, simple explanations are grossly insufficient in a court of law, and even in the case of a strong argument, they might still be seen as confessions of guilt. The basic conclusion is that you are almost certainly breaking the law if you are touching the phone or have it in your hand while the car is in operation.

What are valid excuses for using a phone?

Even though Illinois has strict regulations regarding mobile phone use, certain loopholes exist. Under one of the following circumstances, you may be allowed to use a phone while driving:

  • Calling for help on a mobile phone (911 emergency).

For residents of Illinois who have received a mobile phone ticket and are looking for ways to defend their case, they can give the traffic attorneys at our legal office a call. Let our Illinois traffic lawyers defend your rights.

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